mejumpsuitMy name is Chris Martin. Yeah, I know: it’s the same name as the guy from Coldplay. It’s also the same name of a Christian media designer and a Brooklyn/Jamaica-based drug smuggler. You can check out all the other more popular versions of me at the Chris Martin Disambiguation Page on Wikipedia.

But alas, I am none of those. I’m just a seminary student in Glenside, PA. I grew up in Conway, SC (i.e. the last traffic jam before you get to Myrtle Beach) and lived in Columbia, SC (i.e. the home of Zooville) for the last six years before I came up north. There’s not much I enjoy more than a 75 degree day in January so being up here in the Great White North has been a bit of an adjustment. Nonetheless, I’m getting used to it day by day.

Okay, I really hate writing About Me‘s so I’ll finish this off quickly. I like to travel, domestically and internationally. I like to read, fiction and nonfiction. I like to be with my friends, old and new. And I like what I put on this blog.


2 responses to “Who?

  1. I feel so…disambiguated. I think I need a shower.

  2. Hey chris,
    thanks to your shameless self promotion on facebook I have rediscovered your blog and shared some of it with my room mate who is sharing it with her sister… I forgot how funny you can be and it has caused me to think back on the time I spent at L’Abri… *sigh*

    Great blog… I am attempting my own (link provided)… again. Not as much my “thing” as some folks but it is growing on me…

    talk to ya later…

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