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I like double-checking every single safety precaution at my disposal

safetyThere are some things that can never leave your brain. Once you’ve seen them or heard them or smelled them they will forever be on the tip of your cerebral cortex just waiting to come bounding back into your memory.

Some of these things are good and happy: the first time you saw a unicorn, the smell of napalm in the morning, the sounds of silence. Happy is the day when those sense-memories are triggered, leaving you with an inexplicable understanding that everything in the world is right and good.

Then there are horrible things that get stuck in your brain and will never, ever, ever leave. Images like this. And sounds like the scream of the woman in the first video I have for you today.

These videos are from the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board of Canada. Canadians are demented. It must be the cold. And the wild Eskimos.

Finally, here’s a sex-ed video from Canada. The last 8 seconds are better than any sex-ed commercial you’ll ever see in America or probably anywhere else in the world.



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