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I like being honest about your shortcomings

You are lazy. It’s okay to admit it. Really, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Now that we’ve established that, stop whatever you’re doing right now and play this online game. It’s called The Eyeballing Game, and it’s delightfully addictive. Sorry that all I’ve got for you today is a little game, but I want to sleep more than six hours tonight so I’m not going to stay up late writing.

Also, I’d like to do a little experiment. I want to see how many people will actually comment if I ask them to. I want y’all to go play this game and leave a comment with your high score. My high score was 3.34. I’ll be surprised if more than five people comment on this, and I would guess that three will have a higher score than me.

There you go. The gauntlet has been thrown down.

Just as a parting gift to spur you on to Eyeballing excellence, I give you this picture: the creepiest doll ever created by humans.




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