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I like the weekend…modern DaVinci edition

Okay, so this guy’s probably not as much of a genius as DaVinci, but his artwork is amazing. Here’s a 10-minute video from Make Magazine about Reuben Margolin, a guy who creates “totally singular techno-kinetic wave sculptures.” They are amazing.

If you’ve got some spare time, check out some of the other videos from Make Magazine. There’s some pretty great stuff.


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I like the weekend…comedic genius edition

Earlier tonight, I read a post by my friend Art (his blog, finitum non capax infiniti, is what I look forward to the most in my feed reader…and that’s only partly because he wrote a post about why I’m his hero) in which he wrote about the frustration of dealing with idiot-jerks in blog comments who make bombastic statements and then run away when they’re confronted by something they don’t like. One of the comments on a blog he pointed out in which this was happening reminded me instantly of this gem of a speech from Corky St. Claire.

That video led to several others which eventually led me to this series of videos from an interview show hosted by Ricky Gervais. Christopher Guest is the . . . guest, and he’s one of my favorite comedians. Here’s the first video of the series. Click here to see the rest.


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I like knowing where I fit in

wolverine14There comes a time in every young man’s life when he must ask himself a crucial question. A question which will shape his destiny from that day forward. That question is: when historians inevitably write about my life and legacy, when they pour over the intracies of my life and personality, when they ponder the depths of my genius, how badass will they say that I am?

Now, I’ve been around a lot of awesome badassery in my day, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I am at most a badass padawan with a mediocre midichlorian count. At most. But for those of you cool enough to bench press more than 100 pounds, dribble a basketball without looking at it the whole time, or fingerpick a guitar or other stringed instrument, it’s very important to be able to stack yourself up against the other badasses that have come along throughout history. Unfortunately, it is patently un-badass to be seen in a library. So where can you get your information?

Enter Badass of the Week, a website devoted to profiling the most awesomely un-pansified people ever to exist. The author profiles a new badass each week and gives a brief and quasi-true biography of the person/animal/machine/place/thing. Here’s an excerpt from the beginning of this week’s badass, John L. Sullivan:

…John L. Sullivan is probably the manliest man in American history, and the most hardcore bastard to ever sucker-punch a Gorilla in the chops for no good reason and then go off to a bar and celebrate by pounding a fifth of Jameson’s, breaking the bottle over someone’s head, and nailing some skanky, corseted 1880s street prostitute.  Sullivan was the last of the great bareknuckle boxers, the first gloved boxing world champion, and a man so badass he could have detonated those giant blocks at Stonehenge into rock dust with a right hook and still have enough energy left over to resurrect the Druids, punch their heads off, and then go back to pounding whiskey until he passed out from being too awesome.

So yeah…it’s a great website. I’m sure that many of you have seen this website before and have spent many hours fruitfully perusing its offerings, so instead of just linking to the main site, here’s a list of some of my favorite members of the Hall of Badassitude (be forewarned, there is some extreme language in some of these so if that offends you, stay away):

So go and enjoy Badass of the Week. And if you find any that you think are incredibly awesome, post them in the comments section.


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I like dancing world travelers

Since that last post was mainly informative and won’t keep anyone distracted from their responsibilities for very long, here’s another one. Two in one day. Don’t get spoiled.

I like traveling a lot, and lately I’ve had a pretty big case of wanderlust. So I decided to go looking for a video that I found awhile ago with the hopes that it would satiate (but more likely exacerbate) my condition. The video is of a guy named Matt Harding doing a goofy dance all over the world with a ton of different people. You can read the story behind the video, get a lot more information, and watch some of his other videos at his website, WheretheHellisMatt.com.

This is one of the videos I like the most out of all the videos I’ve seen on the internet. It’s Matt’s most recent video, and you may have already seen it since it’s got over 16 million hits on YouTube. But it never hurts to watch again and be amazed at how lucky this guy is to have been able to do this.

My favorite scene is at 1:41 when he’s in Sana’a, Yemen, because hearing the Arabic in the background reminds me of being in Beirut, which is one of my favorite places I’ve been to (or, “to which I’ve been” for all you sticklers out there). What’s your favorite scene?

PS- If you haven’t already, go check the Burger King post for a couple of updates.


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