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I like opposable thumbs


**Update: In the comments section for this post, Liz mentioned some mosaic tile graffiti-type stuff that she’s seen in a couple different places. I looked around for a little while and found the artist’s website. Check it out: Space Invaders!**

The ability to think on one’s feet when in a bathroom stall with a permanent marker is the only thing that separates us from the animals. And with the dark forces of PETA gathering in Mordor and growing stronger by the day, it is a privilege and a distinction that we must assert early and often. No matter how close monkeys (why is that not “monkies”?) might be to us, they will never, EVER, have the intellectual capacity and good sense to draw alien eyes on a Donald Trump poster and write “I’ve got your soul” next to his face. Not ever.

The problem is, I live in the suburbs where people don’t vandalize things too often (only peasants do that). And I go to a seminary, so the only things written on the bathroom walls there are the occasional rebellious NT Wright quotes followed by “Wright is wrong!” and closely after that, “God answers kneemail, FTW!”  So where can I go to catch the best in cutting edge property debasement?

Fortunately for me, someone has gathered together a gallery of walls with writing on them and made it available for public perusal. With a name as witty as some of the pictures contained therein, Pictures of Walls is the best place on the internet to find some interesting, funny, witty, and completely pointless graffiti. A lot of the stuff in here has vulgarity in it, so if that offends you, stay away. There’s also a lot of stupid stuff in the galleries, but when you find one of the good ones it more than makes up for it. So go check it out and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s mischievous bravery.

If you’re looking for something a little more artistic, you’ve got to check out a guy named Banksy, one of the most famous graffiti artists in the world. He’s done stuff all over the world and his graffiti is some of the most politically charged and clever stuff I’ve ever seen. Here’s his website: Banksy.




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I like finding the answers to life’s important questions

smellAnd I think you know the specific question I’m thinking about: why do farts smell so much worse in the shower?

Don’t pretend like you haven’t noticed it. All of us, at one time or another, have ripped one in the shower and thought, “Good Jesus Lord, that fart just punched my nose holes right in the baby maker!” Or, even worse, you’re in a hot bath and you think you’re safe because surely the water will filter out all the smell, right? WRONG! Somehow the water creates tiny invisible fart tubes straight into your nose.

So I scoured the interwebs to find out just why that is. And here’s a sampling of what I found.

From frankied at Answerbag.com:

H2O, in the form of water vapor, easily attaches to methane molecules by the chlorine atom, or the sulfur released from bacteria, making the foul smell more readily attach to the nostril lining, subsequently sustaining the odor longer than in a dry climate. In addition, warm vapors will cause any crusted mucus to soften and disengage, providing more surface area within the sinuses.

From the Facts on Farts page:

There are several factors. First of all, a shower is a small, enclosed space, so the fart gas is more concentrated, and the high turbidity of the air in the shower circulates the gas through the space effectively. Secondly, the high humidity and high temperature conditions in the shower enhance a person’s sense of smell and taste. The farts don’t actually smell worse, it’s just that we can smell them better than usual. Similar conditions prevail in the bathtub.

And finally, from Monster Tard at TeamXbox.com:

Because you ate at Taco Bell.

So there you have it. I really wish I had thought of this when I was younger so I could write in to Beakman’s World or Bill Nye the Science Guy.

PS- Don’t worry, I know this post won’t keep you occupied for long. Check back around lunch time for another one.


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