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I like enlightening the masses

headphonesDo you ever just sit in your room by yourself and cry while you listen to Cher sing Believe and wonder how anyone could sing such genuine and heartbreaking lyrics and compose such a melodious beat? Do you ever get in your car, head to the beach, put on the latest Good Charlotte CD and think to yourself, “You know, these guys really do a great job articulating the middle class dissatisfaction with the celebutante culture of America”? Have you ever, in your life, enjoyed a song, music video, or even a single lyric by Nickelback?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above–or if you can sing How Far We’ve Come without mocking Rob Thomas’ voice–then you have horrible taste in music and you represent and contribute to everything that is wrong with America today. I’m not kidding. If you were standing in front of me right now I would slap you with an open hand.

“B-b-but Chris! Nickelback is so good!” You need to stop talking right now because I am almost positive that when someone compliments Nickelback, God goes out of his way to make sure someone gets a candiru. You might be okay with that blood on your hands, but not me. Not on my blog.

So where do you go to find music that isn’t horrible? Well, there are plenty of good options. Of course, if you’re wearing or plan to wear a button-down flannel shirt today and/or glasses with thick black rims and/or anything else that you think is ironic (if every single upper-middle class recent college grad tries to look poor and downtrodden then it is no longer ironic) then you probably already know about Pitchfork. It’s a nice place to start. But what if you just really don’t want to be associated with something that hipster?

Well, I am pleased to introduce you to the wonderful music blog, 3hive. 3hive is a music blog where the three authors post a few times each week with new 3hivemusic they’ve found and include a couple of free mp3’s along with a short writeup of the band. The music is mostly underground stuff that probably won’t ever be played on a radio station, but most of it is really really good. The best part about the website is that they have a nifty little audio player (click the arrow at the bottom left of the website) that will just play through all the songs on a particular page of the blog so you can listen and discover some new music. I highly recommend their Top 25 of 2008 list.

So go to 3hive and for Pete’s sake, stop listening to Cher.



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