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I like new(ish) music…mashup edition

graphicmedia5I love dancing. As long as it’s a dark room and I’ve had a couple of drinks, that is. But if those two criteria are met, there’s not too much that can keep me from dancing my tiny little buns off. And there’s so much good music out there to dance to that you really can’t give the excuse that there’s just no songs that you like. In fact, there’s so much music out there to dance to that if you were to lay it all end to end, it would circle the earth 87 times before coming to an end in a small town in southern Scotland. So what are we to do with the glut of dance songs?

Enter the mashup. The concept is easy enough to understand: a DJ or producer takes two or more songs and puts them together in either a one-to-one correlation or by mixing and matching different parts of each song together. The results are sometimes horrible, but, as the software used for making these mashups gets easier to use and artists start to release more and more instrumental and vocal tracks for their songs, the mashups just keep getting better and better.

Here are some of my favorites. You can download a lot of these for free online. I’ll put a link beside the song if that’s the case. *Warning: Most of these have potty mouth*

Girl Talk – In Step…If you listen to one artist that I post today, listen to this guy. He samples 20 songs in this track alone. Download his newest CD here for pay-what-you-want.

E-603 – Fighting the Love…He’s Girl Talk lite. Download his CD here for free.

DJ Earworm – Funky Goes to Hollywood…A more traditional mashup. Download the CD that this song is on here for free.

Christian Bale takes David to the dentist…This has nothing to do with mashup music, I just thought it was hilarious. This is a video mashup of Christan Bale’s on-set meltdown earlier this week with the insanely popular David after the dentist video that I posted a week ago. Definitely lots of cussing in this so if that’s not your thing, stay away.



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