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I like the way I look…I like the way I look…I like the way I look

ninetI like the internet. Nine times out of ten it tells me what I want to hear: “Oh Chris, your IQ is 160!” “Wow Chris, you beat this level so quickly!” “Don’t worry Chris, it’s just the common cold.” “Chris, you’re so strong and intelligent that I knew right away you were the person that could help get me and the rest of the royal family out of Nigeria safely!”

It’s a wonderful setup, really.

A few days ago, however, the internet told me something that I did not want to hear: “Chris, you’re so handsome…you look just like a female Israeli pop singer.” What…the…eff.

Now, if I’m being honest (and I always am), people have been telling me I look like an Asian person since at least my freshman year in college when the guy across the hall informed me that everyone in my super-weird, artsy, commune dorm at USC had started calling me “Anime Boy” because they didn’t know my real name and I looked like a character in whatever wacked out anime they were using to escape reality that week.

But until I used My Heritage’s celebrity collage tool, I had never been told that scientifically, I bear a 74% resemblance to Ninet Tayeb, the lovely Israeli pop singer whose picture appears up top. The celebrity collage tool also informed me that I bear a striking resemblance to the guy who was cast to play Goku in the upcoming live-action Dragonball Z movie, two Korean male models, a former member of N’Sync, a really lame singer-songwriter, a cracked-out child star, and Ferris Bueller.

Who will it say that you look like?

Give it a shot and let me know who you get. Don’t be dissuaded when it asks you to register; just put in a fake email address and skip the ads.

celeb-look-alikePS – If you want to save the image, you’ll have to do a screen capture. Here’s a Wikipedia article explaining how to do it on a Mac or PC, just in case you don’t know how.



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