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I like just wasting time

This is going to be a really short post. Sorry everyone. My dorkiness got the best of me tonight, and after I finished talking to my mom on the phone I just had to watch a couple more episodes of season one of Battlestar Galactica. It’s taken over my life to the point that all I have for you today is this tiny website where you can waste at least 20 minutes watching people microwave random things. I strongly suggest the Christmas lights and the soap.

So enjoy Easy Mac Micro Maniac. Yes, like many interesting things on the internet, this website is just a thinly veiled advertisement; but I don’t really care who’s sponsoring it as long as something gets mutated in the microwave.

Sorry about the non-post today. I’ll do better next time.


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I like accurate information before I buy

rsz_colbertAnd Belkin has made accurate information pretty hard to get. Read these articles about how Belkin encouraged employees to fake reviews and and give out customized products to reviewers to make their products look better.

Here’s the background to the story: Belkin Wants to Buy Your Love

Here’s Belkin admitting that it did indeed happen: Press Release

And here’s a Belkin employee saying it happens all the time: Belkin Employee Sheds Light on Supposedly Dirty Practices

Moral of the story: don’t buy Belkin!

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I like the weekend…home shopping edition

dollWell, it’s the weekend now and that means I’ve got all the time in the world to do anything I want as long as it’s either studying Greek or feeling guilty for not studying Greek. As much as I love brightening your days with rays of hope and joy culled from my roughly 14 hours of screen time a day, I think I’m going to try to take the weekends off from any serious blogging.

So here’s what I’ll do instead: I see a lot of things on the internet that are interesting or funny but not really top shelf enough to merit a full-fledged writeup. So I’ll just quickly post them here on Saturdays and Sundays so that you can still get your random internet fix and I don’t have to worry about how to make these things sound interesting to anyone besides me.

Today I bring you three amazing home shopping moments. It’s always hard for me to tell just how popular something is if I just found it myself, so if you’ve seen these already, I apologize for being such a disappointment. Please don’t shun me.

Look at that horse! – Best line: “Okay, my producer Tara Kates just told me this isn’t a horse, it’s a butterfly.”

Dells are good for porno – Best line: “Well I guarantee it, and I’ve got the porno to prove it!”

Mike Rowe (from Dirty Jobs) sells the Katsak on QVC – Best line: “We don’t really have audio for this do we? That’s too bad because you would be hearing this cat making sounds of unbridled pleasure.”

For bonus points, watch all the other Mike Rowe QVC clips; they’re hysterical.

Enjoy your weekend, internets.


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I like Burger King’s ad campaigns


**Update 3: The hits keep coming! Check out Burger King Flame: A body spray of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat. Just keep clicking. It’s hilarious. Thanks to Paul for this one.**

**Update 2: If you didn’t see SNL last night (1/10/09), you missed a hilarious parody of Whopper Virgins. Go here to see the video.**

**Update: Mr Justin Bajan has been kind enough to remind me of another great BK ad campaign: The Whopper Freakout**

Since the last post was a little lengthy, I’ll keep this one to the point. There are three that I like in particular:

1) Subservient Chicken: Go to a website and boss around a guy dressed up in a horribly frightening chicken costume. I won’t spoil the fun for you on here, but go check it out if you haven’t already.

2) Whopper Virgins: Despite the offended elitists who would rather Americans never interact as Americans with another culture, I love this video. The BK team goes to random villages around the world and gets people who have never tasted a burger to do a taste test between the Whopper and the Big Mac. No, the fact that a random Inuit villager likes the Whopper shouldn’t influence you too much (after all, his meat of choice is seal meat), but it’s always cool to see other cultures react to each other over something as simple and universal as food.

3) Whopper Sacrifice: This one is great. There are a trillion annoying and useless Facebook Apps out there that I will never ever use. But if I actually liked Burger King’s food, I would definitely use this application. Install the app on Facebook, sacrifice ten friends (be warned: the app publicizes who you sacrifice), get a free Whopper. Amazing.

So go check them out and enjoy some wasted time indulging in the glories of good brainwashing subliminal persuasion advertising.

Thanks to Tommy for the heads up on Whopper Sacrifice.


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