I like good art and good dads

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the measure of a father is his ability to make lunches for his kids in the morning. My dad did it for me; his dad did it for him; I will do it for my kids someday. This is the way of fatherhood.

Another well-established fact is this: in elementary school the only thing that matters is having an awesome lunch box. When I was growing up I had a great GI Joe lunch box. Unfortunately it was offset by the fact that I had a white-boy spiky flat-top with a huge cowlick that turned it into some hollow Vanilla Ice-looking hairdo. There’s no recovering from that. Anyway, what if you could have an awesome lunch box custom made for you every single day?

Enter Lunch Bag Art. This is the photo blog of a dad who draws awesome things on his kids’ lunch bags every day. That’s it. Just pictures of cool lunch bags. It’s enough to get me wasting about twenty minutes, which is all I can ask for.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

HT: The Ridiculant

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One response to “I like good art and good dads

  1. I had a Rat Patrol lunchbox. Rat Patrol was the most non-remebered-but-totally-awesome-for-fourth-grade-boys-60s-TV-show ever. It was about a squadron of four guys in WW II patrolling the North African desert in a jeep with a machine gun mounted on back. They apparently operated totally rogue and never had to return to base or anything mundane like that.

    It basically involved weekly “car” chases with German half tracks. The sole purpose of these chases was so that the jeep could leap from sand dunes in slow motion while the gunner went airborn, clinging to the handles of the gun, and firing all the while.

    And since it was a 60s WW II show, the Germans always conveniently stood up from their hiding places to get shot (cf. Combat!).


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