I like the weekend…comedic genius edition

Earlier tonight, I read a post by my friend Art (his blog, finitum non capax infiniti, is what I look forward to the most in my feed reader…and that’s only partly because he wrote a post about why I’m his hero) in which he wrote about the frustration of dealing with idiot-jerks in blog comments who make bombastic statements and then run away when they’re confronted by something they don’t like. One of the comments on a blog he pointed out in which this was happening reminded me instantly of this gem of a speech from Corky St. Claire.

That video led to several others which eventually led me to this series of videos from an interview show hosted by Ricky Gervais. Christopher Guest is the . . . guest, and he’s one of my favorite comedians. Here’s the first video of the series. Click here to see the rest.



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2 responses to “I like the weekend…comedic genius edition

  1. The Ricky Gervais interview of Garry Shandling is my favorite in this series.

  2. oh man, that interview is great. it’s so awkward that it’s hard to tell if shandling actually hates gervais or not.

    here’s a link to the highlights of the interview

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