I like relaxing


Here’s the deal. I’ve posted something like 40 times over the past month. Once a day, everyday, except for the times when I didn’t have internet.

And now I’ve almost exhausted the internet. So I’m thinking about taking a break for a couple days. I’ll probably still post some good music tomorrow and some funny videos over the weekend, and I’ve got a couple more things to share with you guys, but (sorry for the run-on sentence) ever since I finished my January term class I just don’t have the time to go searching around the internet for new goodies for the hungry masses.

I still find funny videos and every once in awhile I’ll find a new cool website, but it’s not often enough to keep posting once a day. So I’m going to scale it back a bit. Once I figure out how often I can post I’ll let y’all know.

Until then, enjoy these guys. They’re called Barats and Bereta, and they make me laugh.

Bible in a Minute



PS – Tarheels!

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