I like this video more than almost anything I’ve ever seen

This could possibly be the best video ever recorded.

A dad recorded his son while the kid was completely doped up after having dental surgery. There are no words I can use to describe how hard I’ve laughed at this. Normally I would save it for the weekend, but I just can’t wait.


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7 responses to “I like this video more than almost anything I’ve ever seen

  1. This was making the rounds in my MCR today (graduate common room). I kinda think a dad who films this sort of thing is cruel and immature. Even if it’s funny, it’s a bit short on grace, isn’t it?

  2. Well, if it was done to make a fool out of the kid then I’d say you’re right. But just because someone looks silly in a video doesn’t mean they’re being made a fool. And I don’t get the impression that the dad took this video to get a laugh from his friends on YouTube about how dumb his kid was acting.

    People have plenty of videos of me acting really ridiculously, but they’re my friends and the videos aren’t done out of spite. The tone of this video is very friendly and not condescending at all. I think that in order to say that the video is short on grace, you’d have to assume the worst of the father: we’d have to assume that the kid doesn’t like the video now and wants it taken down because he’s embarrassed by it, but his dad won’t take it off YouTube because he thinks it’s really funny or because it’s getting so popular; or we’d have to assume that the dad took the video in the first place with the intention of laughing at his kid instead of laughing with him after he was ‘sobered up’. I don’t see any evidence for either of those assumptions.

  3. You may be right, but I see a couple of big differences here. This is a child, not an adult, and it’s his dad, not his friends, taking the video. Plus, what other motivation does the dad have for taking the video and posting it on youtube if not to elicit laughter? (Of course it’s funny – especially the primal scream. Who can’t relate to that?!) It’s very hard for a kid to distinguish laughing at and laughing with (it’s hard for most adults too, especially when they are the object of the laughter).

    I agree with you that the dad’s tone is not condescending but friendly. However, the choice to video his kid under the influence of drugs seems to me incredibly immature. Fathers are not to exasperate their children. Should a *father* publicly propagate evidence of a child’s loss of dignity?

    • I think maybe we just disagree on what is and is not appropriate and mature (for fathers and sons or for anyone for that matter). I can’t see anything immature about this father recording a video of his son in this state. If there was any evidence in the video of the father poking fun at his child in a condescending way then I would agree with you. But I just don’t see it. Of course the dad posted the video on YouTube to get laughs, but again, there’s a difference between the kind of mean, “gotcha” laughter that characterizes the attitude of both the father and the viewers of a video like this one and the type of laughter that the video up top evokes and I don’t think that it’s just a difference of degree. Even reading the comments on those two videos can show the differences in the mindsets of those who are laughing at the video.

      Again, I just don’t construe anything in this video as a “loss of dignity” for the child. It’s not a loss of dignity for someone to act silly when they’re doped up. And it doesn’t take away the dignity of the child for people to laugh about him acting silly while he’s doped up. I agree with you that it’s hard for kids to distinguish between laughing with and laughing at, but there’s just no evidence that the kid minds this video being put up on the internet. Unless there was something in the video that made me think the dad was mean-spirited, I just can’t see this as “exasperating” to his son, and I think (maybe naively because I have an awesome dad and that changes how I think of all the other dads) that the dad would take it down if the son wanted him to. It seems like you’re assuming that he wouldn’t/hasn’t.

  4. PS – Thanks for commenting. Nobody does that here, even when I ask them to. So I appreciate some interaction.

  5. alan

    are you looking to start a blogument?

  6. i think the world should be ‘blargument’. otherwise people could think i’m trying to erect a monument to blogs.

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