I like studying for final exams

farleySince I’ve got a final exam in Greek on Tuesday, I’m afraid the next two days will be a little bit sparse on the blog front. Don’t worry, fellow web addicts, I’ll try to give you something good to eat both days, it just won’t be accompanied by much of my witty repartee.

Now, many of you, mostly my friends from back down south, have seen the video below. I don’t think any of my friends from high school read this blog, so aside from my parents, none of you were at the actual event. The event is my high school graduation at which I was the salutatorian and therefore a speaker. As I’m writing this, I’m struggling to determine how much I should describe the events shown in the video below and how much I should just let the video speak for itself. I think I’ll leave it at this:

This is my high school graduation video. I was the first student speaker of the night. I didn’t give the speech that I turned in beforehand; instead I rewrote the hilarious Chris Farley SNL sketch, Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker (if you haven’t seen that sketch, watch it here first), and gave that speech. Here’s the video. This is not fake. This was my high school graduation. Enjoy…I did.

PS – After this speech, the local newspaper and eventually the AP ran stories about me getting kicked out. After I finally got my diploma two weeks later, I was interviewed on radio morning shows all over the country and featured on the front page of the locals section in the local newspaper. Also, some random person made a webpage about what happened. I have no idea who this person is, and the site has gone years without being updated. It’s a little creepy. If you want to know anything else about what happened with the speech you can ask questions in the comments section.


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6 responses to “I like studying for final exams

  1. Liz

    OH this video made me the happiest I’ve been in years!

    Why did the police come???

    HAHA ha!

  2. @Liz: Thanks! It’s always good to hear that my attention-seeking helps someone besides just me.

    @okathleen: Well, it was probably equal parts desire to do something exciting, desire to give a good speech, and desire for attention. I really like to make people laugh, but I’m not quite sure how much of that is attention-seeking and how much of it is just my personality wanting an outlet. I think in this instance the main motivation might have been just wanting to do something exciting and unexpected. So scratch that “equal parts” bit up there.

    @burkthejerk: I’m sorry I deleted your comment. Nothing personal; I just didn’t really want a bunch of cuss words sitting down here for everyone to see. But thanks for the compliment.

  3. Oh yeah, and Liz, the police were already there as standard protocol. So after the principal told me to get off the stage, he just radioed the asst principal and told him to get me out of there. Since I personally knew the asst principal and a couple of the cops (and my dad, a lawyer in town, knew the rest), I was able to convince them to let me just stand in the back instead of being put in a “holding cell” which is what they wanted to do at first. I’m pretty much over being frustrated about the whole thing, but I still like to think about what must have been going through the principal’s mind when everyone was chanting “Let Chris walk!” and I was just standing right behind the students staring at him.

  4. Kate

    My favorite Chris Martin story of all time…

  5. wow…our graduaton at MHS was much much less exciting. I think Lexie would agree with me that it was, in fact, very boring.

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