I like…no…I NEED internet!!!

Still no internet. This latest debacle has decimated my readership. I’ve gone from about 150 hits a day down to 27. Hopefully most of those will come back once I can start posting again. If not, the blood of innocents will flood the streets with my vengeance. That should definitely get people reading my blog.

Right now I’m posting from my friend Dave’s house, to the sound of his little daughter giggling hysterically as their pug licks her all over her face. It’s a nice blogging atmostphere, but not one I can get to every day. So until we get internet back at our house (it better be by Monday, or else…[to understand the full weight of this threat, you need to click that link]) I’m out of commission on the blog front.

Once again, however, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite videos. This one is called “Threat Level Midnight” and it’s from The Office. Watch it.

I’ll talk to you soon…hopefully.



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5 responses to “I like…no…I NEED internet!!!

  1. art

    I volunteer my internet connection at any point that you need it.

    I do this not because the sight of the blood of innocents flowing down the tranquil streets of Glenside discomfits me, but simply because my day is meaningless unless you blog.

  2. Don’t let WTS see that machine from the Japanese game show. Certain professors might decide to use it for drills in their classes.

  3. Toph,

    I’m concerned about your health and well being. Therefore, I want to “publicly” challenge you to participate in one internet free week. Conditions being:

    1. free use of email for 15 min/day

    Just one, that’s all.

    After your fast, you can report back to us via your blog.

    Are you up for the challenge? Are you man enough? WWCED? (What would Clint Eastwood do?)

  4. I just did that Christen. I didn’t have internet at the house from Wednesday til yesterday. Mission accomplished.

    So maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll try it again, but as for now, I’m enjoying my addiction.

  5. alan

    in your face, christen. in your face.

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