I like accurate information before I buy

rsz_colbertAnd Belkin has made accurate information pretty hard to get. Read these articles about how Belkin encouraged employees to fake reviews and and give out customized products to reviewers to make their products look better.

Here’s the background to the story: Belkin Wants to Buy Your Love

Here’s Belkin admitting that it did indeed happen: Press Release

And here’s a Belkin employee saying it happens all the time: Belkin Employee Sheds Light on Supposedly Dirty Practices

Moral of the story: don’t buy Belkin!

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One response to “I like accurate information before I buy

  1. My reading of your three links doesn’t necessarily add up to “don’t buy Belkin!” for me. For one thing, I’ve owned several Belkin products with which I was completely satisfied. More to the point, though, the first two links only report and admit to one isolated incident within the company. Yes, there is the third link alleging this practice was wide-spread, but it was written by A Disgruntled Former Employee, and I think that ADFE letters should be taken with the same skepticism with which one should approach user reviews.

    That is not to say that fake reviewing doesn’t exist and isn’t a problem. I believe I’ve seen it. There have been several apps I’ve tried out for my iPhone that have been just horrible, downright atrocious. When I go back to look at reviews on iTunes, they will usually be uniformly in agreement with my assessment, but often there are one or two that just say “OMG THIS IS THE BEST APP EVUH!! GET IT U WONT BE SORRY!!!!”

    – definitely either the app’s creator….or his mother.

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