I like the weekend…Castle Grayskull edition

Here’s a great little video from a post-production and animation studio called SLACKCiRCUS. After you watch this video, head over to their website and watch some of their funny fake in-game ads they made for a video game. My favorite is the first one: ‘Fly-Chi-Do’.

Fabulous Secret Powers


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2 responses to “I like the weekend…Castle Grayskull edition

  1. I see I made the WCL blogroll. Now I may die in peace. Actually hope to have a much more interesting blog up for you soon. Stay tuned for further bulletins. Film at 11*

    *There’s an old fart cliche for you. That’s what they always used to say about breaking stories on the 6:00 news, because it took that long to get the actual film back to the station and get it processed and edited. Nowadays, of course, it’s video RIGHT NOW!

  2. wombat

    I still think you did a better job with the song. Just saying.

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