I like finding the answers to life’s important questions

smellAnd I think you know the specific question I’m thinking about: why do farts smell so much worse in the shower?

Don’t pretend like you haven’t noticed it. All of us, at one time or another, have ripped one in the shower and thought, “Good Jesus Lord, that fart just punched my nose holes right in the baby maker!” Or, even worse, you’re in a hot bath and you think you’re safe because surely the water will filter out all the smell, right? WRONG! Somehow the water creates tiny invisible fart tubes straight into your nose.

So I scoured the interwebs to find out just why that is. And here’s a sampling of what I found.

From frankied at Answerbag.com:

H2O, in the form of water vapor, easily attaches to methane molecules by the chlorine atom, or the sulfur released from bacteria, making the foul smell more readily attach to the nostril lining, subsequently sustaining the odor longer than in a dry climate. In addition, warm vapors will cause any crusted mucus to soften and disengage, providing more surface area within the sinuses.

From the Facts on Farts page:

There are several factors. First of all, a shower is a small, enclosed space, so the fart gas is more concentrated, and the high turbidity of the air in the shower circulates the gas through the space effectively. Secondly, the high humidity and high temperature conditions in the shower enhance a person’s sense of smell and taste. The farts don’t actually smell worse, it’s just that we can smell them better than usual. Similar conditions prevail in the bathtub.

And finally, from Monster Tard at TeamXbox.com:

Because you ate at Taco Bell.

So there you have it. I really wish I had thought of this when I was younger so I could write in to Beakman’s World or Bill Nye the Science Guy.

PS- Don’t worry, I know this post won’t keep you occupied for long. Check back around lunch time for another one.


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5 responses to “I like finding the answers to life’s important questions

  1. What I wanted to know is why your farts smell worse than mine. I looked up “why are Chris’s farts so bad” on the Interwebs, but so far nothing.

    And when my wife sees I commented on your fart post, I’m going to lose Internet privileges for a week.

  2. Dave Tolbert

    Chris, you are a leader and role model for all of us at Westminster who hope that the tradition not shying away from the hard questions continues. Your post encourages me and gives strength to persevere.

  3. Bryyyyyce

    this also explains why farts smell worse in a hot, humid car, plus there’s no escape in that situation

  4. Allison Smith

    Your blog ad campaign on facebook worked. I came to read a post or two and scrolled to this post first…

    After a moment of internal debating (and clicking the back and forward page button more than once…), I am letting go of the “female repulsion” (public display only) to say ROTFLMAO!!!

    I’m pretty sure the etiquette influence in my marriage has worked the opposite the norm.

  5. I learned something new…”We should be grateful that we are not crinoids. The crinoid is a marine creature with a U-shaped gut, and its anus is located next to its mouth.”

    I’m greatful

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