I like understanding modern art

duchampurinalI was a Media Arts major in undergrad at the University of South Carolina so you’d think I’d understand a little bit about art history and contemporary art. Unfortunately for me, my awesomely amazing powers of persuasion got me out of taking any art history while I was at USC. So I suck at understanding art. I can understand about as much as the average slightly artistic person but that’s not useful at all when you’re looking at a bag of trash on a pedestal in the middle of an art gallery.

But now I have help! The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has created an interactive website called Explore Modern Art to help all of us uncultured swine understand the background, themes, and stylistic elements of modern art so that we can finally stop thinking “Seriously? I could make this myself” when we’re in museums. The website is easy-to-use, interesting, and chock-full of information, interviews with artists, and examples of pieces of art in the museum’s collection. 

So, go check out Explore Modern Art and stop being such a peasant.


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One response to “I like understanding modern art

  1. OK, I spent a little time at that site.

    Sorry, I still think I could put trash on a pedestal. But then, I’ve never actually tried to…

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