I like completely geeking out, Star Wars style

spaceballsThroughout my long and fruitful years, I’ve found several things to geek out on. Starting at a pretty early age I was totally into G.I. Joe action figures. As most of you know, G.I. Joe is a potent gateway toy, and soon enough I found myself getting into more hardcore geekery, namely X-Men. I had the action figures. I had the collector cards. Next was Magic: The Gathering. After interacting way too much with people like this I realized that I had reached the edge of sanity, and I turned away, retreating to the comforts of normalcy for the past eight years.

Now, however, I’ve found a new outlet for my inner geek. It’s called Wookiepedia, and it’s a Star Wars wiki. Anything you could ever want to know about Star Wars is on this site. The thing is, I’m not even a huge Star Wars fan. I’ve seen the movies a few times each. I had a book and some collector’s stuff at one point, but I am in no way a Star Wars fanboy. And yet, I find myself intensely interested in the history of the Jedi Order and the properties of the imaginary metal cortosis (it can stop a lightsaber!). I think it’s just wookiepediaproof that inside of me–and hopefully inside of you too–there is a giant geek, just waiting to rear it’s acne’d head and waste hours of your precious freetime.

So when that inevitably happens, head on over to Wookiepedia and geek out to your heart’s content.



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4 responses to “I like completely geeking out, Star Wars style

  1. Griff

    Chase and I are huge star wars fans. His concentration lies mostly in supreme knowledge of the original three feature films, while my expertise lies in the star wars universe of literature, namely, the New Jedi Order Series, which I recently completed. But my favorite collection is The Thrawn Trilogy which takes place upon the close of the original Star Wars Trilogy (Ep. IV, V, VI.)

    Now you know something new about me.

  2. My nephew was once the #8 ranked Magic player in the nation. He was 16. You will never even sniff his geekiness, not even from afar.

    • Yeah, I should’ve put a disclaimer that I actually really love Magic and would still play it if 98% of the people who play it weren’t the thirty-year-old-who-still-lives-in-his-parents’-basement-and-spends-his-whole-McDonald’s-paycheck-on-Magic-cards type. The force must be strong with your nephew if he could resist the dark side. The temptation was too great for me, and so I had to leave.

  3. I admire him because he did his vini, vidi, vici, then walked away from it before he became one of “those guys.”

    And totally aside, to anyone else reading this: You should know that while I’m typing these comments and Chris is replying, he is sitting about 15 feet above and slightly to starboard of where I’m sitting. If you think that’s pathetic (or weird), you haven’t seen my wife and I writing Facebook wall posts back and forth to each other while we’re sitting at the same table.

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