I like it when people make life interesting

Life can get boring. Same routine every day. Wake up. Go to work/school/the downstairs sofa. Work/study/watch Dog Whisperer. Dinner with friends/family/yourself. Go to the bar/club/sofa again but with a beer this time. Drink/dance/drink and watch the Lifetime Movie Network. Pass out with vomit on your face/pass out with cocaine on your face/pass out with tears on your face and a newfound hatred of men.

That’s what my life is like (mainly a mix between the second and third options in all of those sentences) and if my life is that boring then I know your life must be hell. If only there were something to break up the monotony. Something funny, but not insulting towards anyone. Something that made you want to join in and do something besides the usual…

Enter Improv Everywhere: a group dedicated to having fun and causing scenes. They operate mainly in NYC but they’ve been as far as Russia to do a mission in a furniture store. Below is one of their videos that I just watched yesterday while performing my nightly sit-in-bed-and-peruse-the-interwebs ritual. Enjoy the video, and check out their YouTube channel for more.

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  1. I discovered Improv Everywhere’s site about a year ago. I think I lost about three days of my life watching all the videos.

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