I like end-of-the-year music lists

SpeakerI love music. I like to listen to it alone. I like to dance to it in groups. It keeps me awake when I’m driving, and it’s nice to fall asleep to when it’s nap time. I try to keep up with new music throughout the year, but even the most addicted web-head can miss a few days or even weeks of new-music reviews. That’s why the end of the year (or in this case, the beginning of it) is so exciting: everyone on the interwebs is posting their ideas of the best albums of the year. It’s wonderful. Now, if only there was a way to put together all of those lists and come up with an “All Internet Top 50” list . . .

Enter The Hype Machine. This website scans a bunch of MP3 blogs and automatically posts little blurbs about the most popular songs on the web. You can listen to the songs on their front page or explore further by going to the blog entries themselves. Now, the website is amazing simply in its day-to-day operation, but what they’ve done with their end-of-the-year list is even better. They’ve analyzed a bunch of bloggers’ year-end lists and come up with the top 50 albums of 2008 according to the top music blogs. The best part is: you can listen to full albums on the site to see if you’d like to purchase them. It’s wonderful. So go check it out. You won’t regret the time.

The Hype Machine: Top 50 Albums of 2008


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3 responses to “I like end-of-the-year music lists

  1. bitnp

    There are some really good albums on there that have not gotten nearly enough credit/PR this year. I also often feel that I miss out on some legit stuff accidentally; there is so much out there that it’s inevitable that some stuff will fall through the cracks. Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely keep tabs on that site.

    • iamchrismartin

      Hey bitnp. I can’t believe someone actually read this blog so quickly. I just put it up last night and this was my first post. Thanks for reading.

      Which albums would you say have gotten passed over?

  2. Thanks! That’s going to be a lot of fun to explore.

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